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Hello everyone, in this post I will be discussing with us what activate4code is, why we brought it up and it's advantages. Let's roll.

What is activate4code?

 Activate for codes is a special feature on lpvforum that allows lpvforum members both premium and gold to convert their activity earnings to coupon code, as we all know coupon codes are  activation codes we use to register new accounts on lpvforum (gold and premium).

Why use activate4code?

Activate4code is an alternative method of withdrawing your activity earning on lpvforum. Here there are no rules, no restrictions you can use activate4code any time any day, unlike normal activity earning withdrawal  that is done only once in a month and with some conditions like sharing of sponsored posts,  With activate4code nobody will check your Facebook TL to confirm whether you shared sponsored posts or not. You can use activate4code if u miss normal activity payout day, or you broke one of activity earning payment rules and got your withdrawal request declined.

How do I use activate4code and what do I do with the code?

To use activate4code, you have to login to your lpvforum account, go to your dashboard and tap on activate4code button. The system will request for your username to ensure you know exactly what you are doing, so you fill in your username in lower case (small letters), and boom your coupon code will appear on thesame page, you will see a copy button in front of the coupon code click on it to copy your newly generated coupon code. You will be notified of this transaction via email with the coupon code you generated. You can either use the newly generated coupon code to register a new member and collect their registration fee into your pocket or sell to any of the coupon vendors and get  See list of coupon vendors here.

How much earning do I need to use activate4code?

You need #5000 LARS POINT to generate one coupon code. For the benefits of new members who didn't actually read our T & C, LARS means LPVFORUM ADS REVENUE SHARING, meaning that money earn from doing activity is not an actual cash unlike referral earning, it is called LARS point with we later convert to real cash based on the revenue gotten from our ads companies for that month. So #5000 LARS point is equivalent to one coupon code, you can get as many coupon as possible depending on your LARS point balance. 

In light of this, members are strongly advised to strengthened their security, make sure you are not using any of your names, username, phone number or any predictable words as your password use combination of letters, digits and special characters such as @,*- etc to strengthen your password as we will not be held responsible for any sort of loss from account hack.


Please stay safe COVID19 is real



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