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A Young Boy Wrote An Article Before He Died Of Covid 19

By diddy001 • A year ago • 756 • 120

Taij Marshall spent his last few days at the hospital, fighting and praying because prayers was the only option at that time. But his lungs kept weakening day after day

Before things got out of hands,he was able to pick up his phone and write down what his experience was at that time and he dropped it off through the social media platforms.

Just like he said, "Being in this hospital not able to breathe without A machine and barely being able to walk to the bathroom or shower really makes me look at life different" 

Corona Virus has led to the death of thousands of people, please let try as much as we can to take good care of ourselves and hope to get cure soon. This is not the time for nothing things, but the time to get closer to God Almighty.

Taij went further to write, "I was blind but now I see what needs to be done... Love God, Love yourself, then others... Yall pray for me. Hmm

I love everyone even the ppl on fb I've never met who support me yall brighten my day also

God Bless"��
Few days later, Taij was announced dead.

We hope he rests in Peace... AMEN

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