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It all started on Monday night. I noticed a sad countenance on my husband. All efforts to know what was actually  bothering his mind ended in vain.

Our family has been a very happy family. In fact, other families in the neighbourhood are praying to be like us because of love and trust in our marriage. 

I asked him if I should give him a cup of water, but my husband rather shouted, “Clara who is Mr Sikiru?”

I was like... what's going on, and I explained.

Clara: Honey, I have told you over and over again that Mr Sikiru was my boyfriend when I have not met the Lord,  and the day I gave my life to Jesus Christ, I broke off the sinful friendship. Please, Honey, I am saying nothing but the truth.

With all my clear explanation, he didn't believe me. He called me all sorts of names. Is it hypocrite, liar,  pretender,  prostitute? But I didn't say a word. I knew that a single word would scatter the whole thing. 

Hmmm! How I wish I had not said a word. I wouldn't have been sentenced to 30 years in prison. 

As he mentioned my mother, I really got provoked and I shouted “Your mother is also harlot.” My husband slapped me for the first time in our 10 years in marriage. 

I slapped him back. My two daughters were standing in our midst, begging my husband to leave me, but my husband pushed them aside and shouted, “This marriage must end today.“ And I replied, “Yes, let it end.“

As he gave me a blow in my eyes, I carried a small table in our sitting room to hit him, and I stood to watch how my husband bled to death. What a terrible past 😭😭.

I was charged to court and sentenced to 30 years in prison for manslaughter.

Now, my two daughters had dropped out of the best school that we put them because my mother couldn't afford to pay their school fees. 

Haa! A little fire destroyed the entire family.  The end. 

Be careful of anger in your home. A little anger can lead into what you won't be able to handle.

Keeping quiet in some issues doesn't mean that you are a fool. Better to keep quiet than to pull down your home with your own hand.

Lastly,  a home can't survive without trust.

Once trust is dead in your home,  your marriage is dancing to the tune of death .

Allow Jesus Christ to be incharge. Discipline your tongue, control your temper, don't be too big to say sorry, don't pull down your home.

Love, forgive and dwell in peace and unity.

Proverbs 15:1

A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.

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