A DRUMMER: The backbone and heart of every music ministry

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A DRUMMER: The backbone and heart of every music ministry

I'm declaring this not just because I am a drummer but because it is a fact not known to many people even drummers. If you're not a drummer and you have a drummer friend, you need to really respect them because of the fact that the drummer is the backbone of most music ministry and other musicians (instrumentalists) rely very heavily on him or her to provide a strong beat that will keep a song together. A drummer who is off beat, or off tempo, will lead the entire band astray. Therefore, if the drummer is weak the whole band will be weak. 

Since the drummer provides the foundation for the other musicians to follow, the drummer is the anchor of the band. If you are a drummer in a music ministry, then you are the anchor of the ministry. The other musicians are relying heavily on you to provide a strong beat that will keep everything together. Other musicians may be able to cover their flaws when playing their instruments as a group, but not you. Everything you do behind your set will not only be heard, but felt. There is simply no way to hide or cover up poor drumming skills! 

The drummer is vital to a band, and a great drummer can make up somewhat for other musicians who may not be at the same level of expertise. The reason is because your listeners will notice more of what is in your band's music than what is NOT in it. 

For instance, let's say your guitarist is not really creative. He may play well enough to keep up with the pace of the song, but as far as adding anything flashy, he's just not able at his current skill level. But, there you are, with your solid sense of rhythm and timing. That's what people are going to notice! They simply will not notice something that the guitarist does NOT do. 

People who are not musically inclined just want to be moved by the music. They do not evaluate it like musicians do. 

Now, if the guitarist seriously flubs something up, then that's a different story all together. Not being creative and not adding to the music is one thing, but making critical mistakes is another. Musician, or not, people know what is, or is not, pleasing to the ear. 

So, as a drummer, the anchor of the band, be solid, strong and confident. Continue to practice regularly and never be satisfied with your level of progress.

This is dedicated specially to all drummers out there that doesn't know know or partially know their worth in the drums ministry. 

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