A crocodile smile

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Not too long ago, Nigeria's army launched an operation which is code-named "operation Crocodile Smile". In a particular region of the country to fight against frequent incidents of Vandals. We all know crocodiles don't smile, that is to say that the metaphoric code-name denoted something serious.

Saul, a master schemer sent his servans to David to persuade him to become the king's son-in-law and to tell him how the king and his servants loved him. Meanwhile, Saul had a different motive entirely for David. He was plotting to kill David. Saul requested for hundred foreskin of the Philistines, Intending to have David killed securing them. God was on David's side, he was able to get even more than David asked. Saul had no choice but to give his daughter Michal to David in marriage but this was just the beginning of the game on David's life.

Saul's hatred for David began when David was able to defeat Goliath. This gave David more reputation than Saul and it made Saul envious of David. Saul acted nice to David so that David would be relaxed and not be on guard so that he would kill him but God delivered him from Saul's evil plans.

We should realize that the murky Waters of life are filled with hidden enimies like crocodiles waiting to kill therefore we should be careful and prayer in order to overcome in the battles of life .

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