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9 Things Every Man Should Carry When Leaving The House, Especially Number 4 And 9

By frankycool1 • 5 months ago • 3623 • 876

The most comfortable place a guy can be is his house especially with food in it. But at some point you have to leave, and the outside is a dimension that requires certain variables.

Even though some of this items may not be needed at times it is essential to have them on your person as situations may arise that requires them. Also as a guy, some of this items may come in handy when you least expected. Call it whatever you want but these items are necessary for every guy to have on him every time he steps out.


1. Basic Accessories

This is number one for every man. You shouldn't leave your house with an empty wrist, it's in the constitution. Don't ask me which one. A man is supposed to have a something around his wrist, it can be a watch or a bracelet. A simple watch would do, you don't have to wear a clock tower on your wrist. Just slap on something simple and you're good to go. Other accessories may include sunglasses and anything else you feel completes your look.

2. Cash/ATM Card

You don't want to leave your home without having a little cash on you for no reason. It is important that every man has a little cash on him whenever he's out and about because you don't know what emergency you might run into and you might need to buy a little something for yourself or maybe a little cousin you may run into. On the other hand having your ATM card on you is important when you don't feel comfortable holding cash around.

3. Breath Mints

Just because you brushed in the morning doesn't mean your mouth is going yo smell like heaven all through the day. The second you have that breakfast or anything you may have eaten, your mouth starts to develop a very subtle odour therefore, having breath mints on you is a good call. Pop one from time to time and enjoy a fresh breath all the way. You've probably seen this on tv ads so, it works.

4. Identification

I can't stress this point enough. You shouldn't be moving about without any form of identity. Be it a school ID card, driver's licence, national or voters card etc. You need to have one of this on you. It helps especially when you run into hard-headed police officers.

5. Handkerchief

You need a hanky on you for a whole lot of reasons. If you wear glasses you might need to clean them from time to time, to clean your phone's screen and you don't want to wipe sweat from your face with your palms, you meed a handkerchief for that. Who knows, you might run into an intense legwork dance competition and you might need your kerchief there too.

6. Earphone (Not a headphone)

Ever had a moment where you play a video in public without having an idea that it'll end up being porn at some point, it happens and it wasn't pleasant watching it on loudspeaker. Be it a simple wired earphone or an earbud, you need one on you whenever you step out. Plus it helps to pass time when traveling if you have a cool music library.

7. Condoms

There I said it, you need this ammo with you too and no, it's not for a balloon party. Sometimes it may not even be for you, you might need to help a brother when he gets lucky. But you definitely need this for you.

8. Minimal Wallet

I said minimal cause you don't need a stuffy wallet that bulges in your pants. Just a simple leather that can contain some of the items mentioned above will do.

9. Mobile Phone

We all know this is a must have. We need it for emergency and you don't know if you'll find yourself in an awesome location to get a good photo but more importantly you need your phone on you at all times.

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