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8 things you don’t know about last born child

By timothystephen • 9 months ago • 2969 • 443

Last borns are special children. This is because they close the chapter of birthing. As a result of this, they tend to behave in a particular way since they have older siblings that they look up to. I’m sure that after reading this article, you will agree with me that all last borns have these attributes in common. Here are 10 things you may not know about the last born child.

1) They love attention. Last borns tend to cling to their parents very much. They never get tired of attention, petting and even special treats. In fact, if this attention tends to be shifted to other children, they can do almost anything to get it back.

2) They are social. Most last borns tends to be the funny and outgoing child in the family. Since they love attention, they are not afraid to try out new things, and this makes them very social and fun-loving.

3) They are very beautiful/handsome. I’m sure you will agree with me here. Many last borns tend to be more beautiful/ handsome than other children. In fact, it’s a beauty that they are aware of, they also tend to learn a lot from their older siblings and apply it to suit their wants/needs in this aspect.

4) They are problem solvers

Most last borns are problem solvers this is because they are very creative. They usually know what they want from an early age and work relentlessly towards it.

5) They get bored easily. They always look for new things that can fascinate them. This is because they have to make many choices since they have a long list of items to choose from.

6) They are risk takers. Many last borns love to try out new things, especially what their older siblings have done and succeeded in. However, they tend to go further as they always want more out of life.

7) They tend to be more self-centered. Since last borns have older ones taking care of them, they tend to think about only their welfare often since they are not responsible for other children.

8) They are usually very happy because they are mostly extroverts. Little things excites them. They may also end up choosing a people-oriented career.

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