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8 Income Sources Of Rich People

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I remember preparing for a job interview some time ago. I have read and prepared for this interview for almost two months and after the test I was called up for an interview with other applicants too. I made up my mind to get the job at all cost because it was a place I really wanted to work.

Something happened that morning as I was dressing up to leave for the interview. My leather belt suddenly gave way and the head fell off. That experience taught me a great lesson and that is it is not safe to only one piece of a vital accessory because it can disappoint you, this also goes for our income. It is not safe to have one source of income.

Here are seven types of income you can aspire to have.

1]: Earned Income- This is also called a job income. It is the income you can have by trading hours for income and it is the lowest and most stressful kind of income. People tell you to earn more money by trading more time but the reverse should be the case. If you are in this level, you must begin to think how you can upgrade your skill to become more valuable and earn more for less time.

2]: Business Income- This is the type of income you earn by trading product or service for money. It involves offering digital or physical product for money or service for money. The more you offer the more money you make. It is also called business profits.

3]: Interest Income- This is the income you earn from lending your money out to people. It is also the money you earn from having your money in a saving account but we all know that this is very minute and will be insufficient to fund your desired lifestyle.

4]: Dividend Income- This is also referred to as profit distribution and it is the type of income you earn as result of owning shares in an organization or a company. When you buy shares from a company that has gone public, you earn money from them whenever they declare profit.

5: Rental Income- This is the income that is earned by those who buy or invest money in real estates. When you own a property and rent it out, you will be paid income on the property monthly or annually and the agreement states. It is a good way to earn.

6]: Advertising Income- This is the income earned when you help individuals or organizations to make advert. For example, if you own a blog or You-tube channel that attracts traffic you can earn from helping people place adverts on it. You can also join advertising and promotion team that pay you for posting promotional content on your facebook profile like Zeekron Promotional Team.

 7]: Licensing Income- This is income you earn from royalties and products you create like books, songs etc. People that have intellectual properties have access to this kind of income.

8]: investment income- This is the type of income you earn by investing on platforms that gives you guaranteed return on your investment monthly. This is one of the easiest ways to make money because it doesn’t stop you from concentrating on your work and business.

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