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7 Tips on how to stay safe while Shopping online

By tundegold • 10 months ago • 3640 • 395
7 Tips on how to stay safe while Shopping online
Online shopping is now the trend globally and Nigerians are no exemptions in this new wave. The convenience is second to none, thus, more and more people are towing this method of shopping.

Nevertheless, as fantastic as this method of shopping is, it is not devoid of risk. 

Today,based on my personal research, i will freely share with you 7 Basic ways of staying safe while shopping online:

1.  Stay off any transaction or advert that is too good to be true e.g if a product that goes for N25,000 everywhere is marked and advertised for N5,000; Please abort such transaction

2.  Never send your bank details or Password via email to any vendor. True online stores have a verifiable standard safe platform to engage bank transaction

3.  If you have to meet your Vendor to collect your goods, meet at a public place. Never give your house address as a meeting point for such business

4.  Have a dedicated email account and bank account for online shopping for the purpose of onward tracking, monitoring and control.

5.  As much as Possible, insist on cash on delivery (COD), and during delivery, inspect goods very well, the manufacturing dates and expiry dates are important. Make sure the products unique number tally with what is on the receipt issued to you.

6.  Ensure the person delivering the product is a true representative of the online store. Politely request to see his ID card and verify his identity properly.

7.  Finally, to avoid scam, it is safer to visit the websites of online stores using their URL. Going through search engines makes you vulnerable to internet scammers. 

Yours' Inspirationally,

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