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7 places in the world where Gravitational force is zero

By vincentfrancis • 11 months ago • 15472 • 1200
7 places in the world where Gravitational force is zero

In this article, you will learn about some places where the gravitational force does not work or becomes zero. Where a car can go uphill with its engine off, a waterfall that does not fall, and a very-heavy rock that sits on a rock at a very strange angle without falling.

Planet Earth lives by the laws of gravity discovered by Sir Isaac Newton. 

Gravity is the force that holds the sun and other planets in the solar system. This is the force that holds us and everything on the surface of the earth or draws towards the center of the Earth. This means, if you bend more, then you can fall, but where the gravitational force does not work, you will not be able to fall after bending. 

Newton once shared a story of him sitting under an apple tree, an apple falls on his head and suddenly he started thinking why anything falls from the top. After this, he proposed the law of gravity also known as the law of gravitational force - the force of attraction acting between any two particles is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. But there are some places on Earth where the gravitational force becomes zero, and strange events happen. 

1. The Reverse waterfall in England

This waterfall is located not far from Hayfield and has water that goes up toward the sky, making it look more like a fountain. The secret to the reverse waterfall is in the wind - it’s so strong there that the water that falls down is caught by the wind and pushed back up. The height of the waterfall is about 78 ft. 

2. Hoover Dam in Nevada, US

When you climb up to this dam which is about 726.4ft tall, try to pour some water out of a bottle. The liquid won’t flow down as usual, but it will swing up. The same thing happens if you try to throw a light object from the same height — it will float because of the strong airflow. 

3. Mystery Spot, Santa Cruz California

This place was discovered in 1939 by a group of surveyors. They claimed that there is some different type of irregularity in the magnetic field here and this magnetic irregularity is seen only in 150 square feet of the circular area, which is also called Mystery Spot. This is a place where you will see strange irregularities in gravity, such as flowing of water in the upward direction, deflection of magnetic compasses at different angles, changes in the size of people, and things. At this place, you can also stand at an angle without falling down.

4. Magnetic Hill of Ladakh

This is a small route, located on the Leh-Kargil-Baltik national highway in India, is said to have magnetic properties that can pull cars uphill. If you turn off the engine and keep your vehicle in neutral, it will start moving slowly and can go up to 20km/hr. It is said that behind this mysterious phenomenon there is a magnetic force that pulls the car uphill. Even the aircraft passing over this region increases their altitude to avoid magnetic interference.

5. St. Ignace mystery spot, Michigan

A group of people carried out a survey in the 1950s, suddenly their devices stopped working. An extensive survey was conducted and found that it was only happening in the area of 300 square feet. There were some strange events such as standing on the wall, sitting on the wall, after staying here for a long time, you will feel that your head is getting lighter.

6. The golden boulder in Myanmar

This rock is covered with gold and looks like it’s going to fall down at any second. But in reality, it has been sitting in the same place for 2,500 years.

7. Stone of Davasko in Argentina

The stone that weighs more than 300 tons had been sitting on the edge of a massive rock for several thousands of years. They had put a glass bottle at the bottom and it cracked. On February 29, 1912, the Davasko stone fell down, and 95 years later, they put a plastic copy of it back which weighs about 9 tons.

Some of these mysterious places have become tourist and research centres where people love to visit.

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