7 benefits of ginger

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ginger is very beneficial to human body.  The following are benefit of ginger

1 ginger reduce risk of diabetes 

2 ginger can be use to reduce period pain

3 ginger serve as an anti inflammatory 

4 ginger can settle an upset stomach

5 ginger can curb morning sickness for pregnant women 

6 ginger may help to prevent heart disease 

7 ginger may lower risk of cancer. 

   Let's include ginger in our food. Ginger can be use in dry form or fresh form,  it can be use to cook rice,  stew. Ginger can be boiled and drink or add to fruit drink. 

  How to prepare a ginger drink

 Get a fresh ginger. Peel it, rinse it

•dice it into small size

• put inside pot and add water

•  boil for 15mins

• remove the water you can use a sieve then add honey if you like or sugar. 

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