5 signs you are wasting your life

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5 signs you are wasting your life

Life is precious and we only get one shot at it . Nevertheless, a lot of people spend their life merely passing the time rather than making the most of the short time they have left . 

Young people are especially guilty of this - we are in the springtime of our lives . If ever there was a time to plant a tree , it’s now . Yet most of us don’t do that . Young people spend their time partying, and taking vacations rather than reading , building healthy habits , and investing in themselves. Are you merely passing the time instead of making the most of your one life ? Here are some ways to tell . 

1) you don’t get out of bed quickly upon waking .  If you spend a half hour to an hour poking around on your phone before getting out of bed, you are not making the most of your life . People who have a driving purpose in their life don’t spend time lounging around on their phone in bed . Waking up is no big deal , just the start of another random day . To someone with a purpose, waking up every morning is a refreshing welcome to another day of hard yet meaningful work . 

2) you spend more than an hour or two a day on aimless activities. Some activities are inherently aimless , done only because they are pleasing in the moment. Some activities like this are : spending time on social media watching TV or movies playing video games in small doses, no more than an hour or two a day , these kinds of activities can be an important part of decompressing . Any more than that , though , and you’re going beyond decompressing into wasting your life . 

People with a purpose don’t spend too long doing these sorts of things because they are aware that every hour sucked away by aimless activities us another hour they will never get back .

its not that they try not to spend so much time doing these things - the thought of wasting that much time makes them sick . People with a purpose wouldn’t waste their time this way even if they could . 

3) you don’t fell ready for bed at the end of each day  people whose days are filled with purposeful activities feel tired at the end of the day . Whether it’s mental work or physical work , purposeful activity uses up all your energy and leaves you ready to go to bed each day . When you aren’t making the most of your life , on the other hand , you aren’t tired at the end of the day. You are , quite literally, not making the most of your energy . 

4) you spend more of your time daydreaming, planning , or thinking  snouts the future than you do working to bring about that future , you are not making the most of your life . People who make something of themselves don’t sit around daydreaming about what the future may be like . People who make something of themselves pick a goal for the future and then work hard to make that goal happen . Someone who spends all their time daydreaming is not someone spends all their time doing . 

Think about professional weightlifters . They spend a little bit of their time researching how to lift weights more effectively, and a lot of their time lifting weights. 

5) you worry what others think of you  high achievers are too busy getting things done to worry what others think of them . High achievers May worry about what people who matter think of them , but they don’t worry about what their friends, family, or pop culture think . They are too busy getting things done . If you routinely worry about what your friends , family ,peers ,or pop culture think of you , you may be letting your life slip by . Instead of doing what others approve of , find a guiding purpose that you can be true to even when the world turns against you . 

Long live lpv 

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