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5 plants Of Wealth You Might be Ignoring, They will make you say Bye- Bye to poverty

By adeshola1988 • A year ago • 16644 • 4169

Many youth complaints about not able to get a job, Despite that there are opportunities everywhere many still could not see it, many youths are taking advantage of the present government encouraging farming and lots of youth smile to bank annually, monthly and yearly. Despite there is no collar job waiting for any graduate anywhere is not only in Nigeria, but the economy is also bad everywhere, some nation is just maintaining the situation than others. If you are graduate, housewife, Thinking about what to do to earn some money for yourself This is for you.

This plants will make you forget poverty

PLANTAIN PLANTS & PLANTAIN: plantain plant is a plant of wealth for its value, it can grow anywhere in your backyard, a plot of land and more depending on how you want to start .you can plant plantain as a farmer and also make money selling the plantain and it can also be fried and sealed for sales.

All you need is plantain, oil, sealing machine to seal the nylon, You can use ripe and unripe plantain for plantain chips, start supplying to shops around you before you know it, you will be employing people.

PALM TREE & PALM FRUIT: it a perennial plant and when it fully grew it a plant of wealth everything about a palm tree is money, name it: the leaf can be used as a broom, the palm fruit, you can generate palm oil from it, and palm nut oil. palm wine can also be generated from palm

tree either standing / when it cut down. The palm tree is a heritage plant that generational family can benefit from it if you have it forget poverty.

SWEET POTATOES PLANTS: Sweet potatoes also can grow anywhere and it can be boil-like yam, fried, you will enjoy it more for it a natural sweetness and when you Dried and ground it when you process it, it's good just as pounded yam. You can also fry it and be a package inside nylon that you can also supply to shops and for general consumption.

COCOA PLANT &COCOA: cocoa is also plants of wealth, many of our fathers make it through the plant and they were able to send us to school, but civilisation makes us ignore all this plant .cocoa is still an intentional plant and many companies are ready to pathways with some money if they have it. Cocoa is a plant of wealth because of its essential plant for making chocolate, and much other popular teas.

COCOYAM PLANTS: cocoyam plants is also a plant of wealth, cocoyam can be eating like yam, fry and pounded like pounded yam, it can grow anywhere and if you have cocoyam you can fry and package it inside nylon for general consumption and you will be making your money and employing people with short time, you even export, making money in foreign currency.

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