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5 important tips on how to boost your self confidence

By peterabah • A year ago • 1462 • 19

5 important tips on how to boost your self confidence

Self confidence is not just one thing it means different things to different people.

Self confidence is define as trust or firm belief in self ; self reliance and boldness in one's self,not minding what people say about you or how they see you.

" Self confidence is the starting point of all achievement small or big ,It is worthwhile to harness its tremendous power ".

Tips on how to improve your self confidence

1. Improve your self image : " I don't think I will ever be able to do that ; I just can't face people ; I am shy ; I feel uneasy in a group of people" are some of the self image people carry. Negative image about self generates doubts about one's capability to meet the demands. The first step towards gaining self confidence is to have a positive self image about self.

2. Never underestimate yourself : Unfortunately, many people under estimate themselves , not because they lack skills but because they failed in the past . This is one of the main reasons why some people lack self confidence. The antidote to this problem is to think of the occasions when you succeeded , think of the situation when you did it. Thinking of the past success will fill your chest with confidence.

3. Do not compare : Comparison is the stealer of all joy ,it will make you resentful, jealous and make you think low about yourself. Falling into this trap deprives one of internal security and makes one a lost and hopeless victim of low self confidence. Stop comparing yourself with others, don't expect to be like anyone else. You are unique in this world. Tell yourself that you are inferior to no one , you are only different.

4.Detach yourself from negative environment : Some people criticize no matter what.There are people who blame everyone and everything , they find fault with whatever is going around. They will never encourage you, they will tell you , " You can't do it , You can't change it , it is too difficult for you ". Don't let negative words from negative people drag you down. Have a firm faith in what you are doing, Associate with positive people who talk positive about you and encourage you.

5. Improve your general knowledge : Each one of us has different role to play .You may be a boss to someone and subordinate to another,you may be a seller to one and buyer to another. And ,the one common trait that helps in any situation, is the ability to converse with everyone on different topics. A person who can converse with people of any age group, of any trait or trade,is the one who sails smothly. So, you must be a person with topics, words and ideas if you want to increase self confidence.

And finally, " Never feel you have to explain who you are, or defend who you are, act in ways that please other people if you must dishonour yourself to do so.just be who you are. You lack nothing." –

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