4 things that only queen Elizabeth can do in the whole world.

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No doubt, royalty does come with it's privileges for any elected monarch. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is not just a queen, there are certain privileges that comes with her unique royalhood; which no other man or woman both local and international can enjoy. As the queen of England, here are four privileges that Queen Elizabeth II is enjoys:

1. She does not need a visa or passport, to tour to any country in the world.

The Queen does not require a British Visa or passport to travel to any place in the world.. The cowl of a British passport contains the Royal Arms, and the primary web page contains every other illustration of the Arms; and displays the following wording:

"Her Britannic Majesty's Secretary of State requests and calls for in the name of Her Majesty, that all those who is in control to permit the bearer to pass freely without permit or hassle; and to come up with money for the bearer such as assistance and safety as need requires."

Since a British passport is issued in the name of Her Majesty, it's therefore not necessary for the Queen to possess one.

2. She does not need driving license to drive.

Queen Elizabeth II is the only individual in Britain, who can drive a car with out a license; or a variety plate on her state automobile.This is due to the fact that as Travel and Leisure points out, all drivers license are issued in her name. The Sun reports that, not having a driver's license doesn’t deny the queen from using a car.

She learned how to drive at age 19, and seems to maintain composure at the back of the wheel. The queen usually drives around her private estates, no longer at the streets of London; and as the Express notes, “Her passion for riding has been documented throughout the years, with iconic pics capturing her in a Range Rover.” However, the e-book reports, “Protocol dictates that she’s usually chauffeured.” 

3. She is above the law and can not be sued in court:

The Queen's additional advantage is in diplomatic immunity, which means that she can commit any crime against the law; anywhere around the global and go free with it.

The sovereign immunity that the Queen benefits from even goes to the extent, that she cannot be sued to any civil court. This means she can not be interviewed by the police, and will by no means be obliged to testify in court.

4. She celebrates her birthday twice in a year.

Queen Elizabeth, like many British monarchs before her, has two birthdays: the real anniversary of the day she was born, and a separate day that is classified her "reputable" birthday (usually the second Saturday in June). Why? Because April 21 is generally too bloodless for a right parade. 

The reason for the second birthday has to do with the weather. Monarch whose real birthdays fall in less warm months, often celebrates a legitimate birthday on a selected date; on the exact weather for such Monarchs birthday parade, usually called 'Trooping the Colour'.

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