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3 secrets of wealth

By elijah222 • A year ago • 19144 • 4955
3 secrets of wealth

Everyone desires to be wealthy but many don't know how wealth comes,in my few years of teaching people about life as a life coach,I've come to discover that there are 3 major secrets to why people remain poor,I would take them one after the other;

1.Mindset: A wise man once said that as a man thinks in his heart so is he,we are all products of our thoughts, check through any poor man you'll discover that he or she is a man or woman of poor thinking,no matter how much you give a man if he thinks poorly of himself he would lose it.

2.Dormancy/irresponsibility: A wise man also says that responsibility is the price for greatness,you must take steps on your life to move forward,do you want to be great thanks be responsible.

3.Learn to take Risk: a man once jumped a high fence and he was asked how he jumped it,he replied "I threw my heart" over the fence and my body just had to follow,if youre unwilling to take steps and calculated risks wealth is definitely far from you. Begin thinking big and strong Tak Calculated risks.

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