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3 Nigerian Celebrities Who Were Shot Dead

By john123 • 3 weeks ago • 36 • 5

Losing somebody to the hands of death is surely agonizing and " appalling" . It turns out to be more excruciating when the person involved is a star, energetic and gifted person. The memory of these three(3) Nollywood stars will actually stay new because of the effects they had added to the development of Nollywood Industry. Henceforth, they will actually be recollected.

These were set of splendid, capable and skilled artiste. The information on their passing broke the core of thousands of Nigerians. One thing is certain their inheritance will always be recalled and appreciatiated among Nigerians.


1. Flavian Okojie

Flavian Okojie, was a consistent Nollywood entertainer untill 2013 when he was shot to death in Benin City, Edo State following three weeks of his wedding by an obscure weapon men. Be that as it may, his inheritance will always be recalled and appreciatiated by Nigerians.

2. Aishat Ali_Balogun


Aishat Ali_Balogun, was a dynamic Nollywood entertainer untill the awful occurred on the 16 December, 2016. It was assembled that she was shot to death by a group of furnished looters who assaulted and burglarized in Asolo transport stop, Ikorodu, Lagos State.

During the assault the burglars hijacked her little girl and one of her companion. Be that as it may, were later delivered after an undisclosed payoff was paid. With the knowledge of the Nigeria police power, the culprit was later trapped in 2017.

3. Juwon Aqe


Juwon Awe, was an extremely dynamic entertainer untill when the virus hand of death grabbed him to the world past. He was shot in Ilorin while voyaging. He' s a particularly skilled artiste adored and increased in value by Nigerians. It' s dismal that he' s not more. Yet, Nigerians are especially in his recognition of his incredible and exceptional exhibitions as an entertainer.

Their works, impact and effects in the Nollywood will perpetually be in the minds of Nigerians.

" May Their Soul Continue To Rest In Peace" . So be it

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