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3 Methods on how to stay productive while working from home

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3 Methods on how to stay productive while working from home

Remain productive while working from home. 

First Step: Organizing your time

1. Set a consistent work schedule. 

2. Make a prioritized to-do list everyday. 

3. Assign specific blocks of time to different tasks. 

4. Schedule time for planned Interruptions.

5.  Keep track of your time to help identify productive issues. 

6. Avoid working outside of your set work hours. 

Second Step: Creating a good work environment 

1. Set aside an area just for work. 

2. Choose a space that's comfortable and quiet. 

3. Organize and declutter your work area. 

4. Keep materials you need for your work close by. 

Third Step: Stay focused and alert

1. Get dressed before you start working. 

2. Take movement breaks once an hour. 

3. Eat healthy meals and snacks throughout the day. 

4. Reward yourself with a small treat when you meet a goal. 

5. Stay away from social media and time wasting apps. 

6. Ask your friends and family to leave you alone while you work. 

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