15 things we can engage in this period of lockdown

By davidify11 • 7 months ago • 4412 • 1408

1.      Give thanks to God. He said we should always give thanks to God this period since we are at home. We should not say it is enough. We should do it continuously.

2.      Do some exercise. We should engage in exercise. It will help our muscles, strengthen our bodies and keep us fit before returning to work

3.      Sleep well. Yes, I said sleep and sleep well. You have been running around too much. This is the period to sleep well and enjoy the sleep. Yes, enjoy your sleep. No rushing to work that will make you wake up so early.

4.      Eat very well. If you have access to food, sit in your dining table and eat. Most times you don’t eat well because the time to even eat is not there. But now you have the time, eat well.

5.      Read books, spiritual books. Read as much as you can. Those books have been in the shelves, gathering dust. It’s now time to dust them and read. They will help you in life.

6.      Call your families and friends. As of their welfare. The digital facilities and telecommunication has made things easy for us. You may not have called them before but now you have all the time, call them.

7.      Read your bible, study your bible, do your bible study in your room.

8.      Enjoy your holiday, this is holiday you didn’t bargain for. It is compulsory holiday. Enjoy it. You may never have it again in life. Maximize the opportunity it presents for you.

9.      This is time to forgive and reconcile with anybody you may have offended. Make peace with people and live in peace with peace.

10.  Write lessons you are learning this season. It will help you in years to come. Don’t be unhappy. Be happy, write down lessons you are learning. You will fall back to them in years to come.

11.  This is time to bond with your family. Show love to your family. There is no business meeting now. There is no conference meeting. No rushing for meeting with MD, CEO, boss or whatever. Bond with your family members.

12.  Take a look at your wardrobe. There are many clothes you have not worn for the pass two years, those clothes are not for you. Check what you have not used before, gather them for people in need.

13.  Help people. Many people are hungry. They need food to eat. Send alert to people. N1000 can make a lot of difference now. Help is more valuable when people need them most.

14.  It’s time to pray. Pray in the morning, afternoon and evening. Do bible study, pray for families, pray for the nation and the world. Pray for scientists to discover the cure for the coronavirus

15.  Don’t be afraid. Fear not. God said we should have peace. Change your perspective. Change the way you look at things, don’t complain. You are not in prison. Trust God, he is in charge. He is on the throne. In no due time covid19 will be a thing of the past.

Thanks for reading.

Long live lpv, I hope it will be approved

Stay safe# and God bless.

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