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13 lessons people learn too late in life.

By temiday2020 • 7 months ago • 14976 • 4535

There are a lot of things people learn too late in life, here I have got 13 lessons which you should know as early as possible in your life. These 13 lessons, I have learned from my experience:

1. Try to meet and introduce yourself to as many women/men as possible in your younger years. Start conversations with people you find interesting. It will boost your self-confidence and increase your chances of finding the right partner for you. Don’t be worried about being rejected. Always start with a smile when introducing yourself.

2. Life is not fair. Some people are born with bad genetics and will have an experience full of diseases and illnesses. Some people are born with a distorted face, which will lead to much rejection when the kid gets to high school. What I have not learned is that you must accept yourself the way you are. Somethings can’t be changed, and if you can, please do so instead of allowing your destiny.

3. Use your younger years to try out your ideas because you can afford to fail and still have a home to go.

4. Find out your passion as early as possible, figure out things you love doing the most, and would like to do for your rest of life.

5. Try to read books daily, which will increase your knowledge and make you mentally sharp.

6. Do exercise at least three times a week.

7. Stop eating high-fat food, high sugar products, and processed meat weekly or daily. You may get away with it in your 20s, but soon enough, it will catch up with you. Start now. Eat fruits and veggies daily and try moderating meat products in your diet. Getting terminal disease sucks. You don’t want that.

8. If you are wealthy, please don’t reveal this to your girlfriend when the relationship is new. (for men) you can even fake that you are broke to see her reaction. It is essential as you will know if she loves you for you or what will ever happen if you do lose almost everything in a bad business deal.

9. Learn to say no to things. Say no to unprotected s3x because it takes a few minutes of pleasure to be a parent. You don’t want to get a child in your early years with the wrong person.

10. Marry someone you find physically attractive. I cannot stress this enough. Don’t marry someone in a hurry because other people are doing so or because you feel very lonely. Ensure you marry someone you cannot live without him/her.

11. Marry someone who finds you surprising. Someone who “worships” you in little ways and admires you from time to time. Someone who not only says they love you but makes enough effort to spend time with you.

12. Lift weights in your early years. You not only become more substantial, but you will look great in your 30s and 40s. You will be getting compliments here and there, and you will feel good about yourself.

13. I wish I took more pictures in my younger years. Now is when I realize how important photos are. Please take pictures with your loved ones as often as possible. Thirty years later, you will get a sense of fulfillment showing your children or grandchildren how much fun you had back then.

These were 13 Lessons hope you read and learn and ready to implement in your life. Good luck

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