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13 law of success

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There was a believe that there is formula to success, for that reason, Hill spent 20 years of his entire life studying Andrew Carnegie and his friends, some of which includes Graham Bell, Henry Ford, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Edison and John D. Rockefeller.

In order for him to be able to determine viable route to success, below are his discoveries. 

1. Have A Goal

If is observed that for anyone to succeed, he must have a goal...a target. Something he aim at achieving. Having a goal gives you a sense of direction and route to channel your energy.

2. Save For Tomorrow

Succeed is noted to occur when opportunity meet preparation.

Successful individuals prepare way before their opportunity surface. If you want to succeed, you must prepare and save resource to be of use in later dates. 

Money, time, effort and other resources must be well utilized in consideration for tomorrow.

3. Believe In Yourself

One of the qualities of successful people is their insane amount of self-confidence, they know their fears and tackle it, instead of avoid it, like most people do.

4. Develop Self-Control

Having self-control is one of the major characteristics of successful people. People who succeed are able to do because they have ways of controlling their habits, thinking and actions.

Self-control is one of the major qualities most people don't have, that stops them from succeeding. If you want to climb the ladder of success - Develop Self-Control.

5. Be Enthusiastic

Enthusiasm is a good vibe and better approach to life, being enthusiastic makes people submit and want to associate with you, hence, giving you the chance to influence them.

The most successful people among successful individuals are those who are enthusiastic.

6. Be Creative

Ideas rule the world. Concrete ideas originates from successful people, people who train their eyes, brain and mind to see, think and conceive things in unique ways most people do.

To be successful you have to be creative. Awake your creativity.

7. Learn To Lead

Successful people, wherever they are, are mostly leaders. Even the Ines that follow, follows and also lead people in their own ways. 

It is not a matter of being born a leader or not, it is about learning the qualities that makes up a great leader and determine to follow suite.

8. Think Deeply

Deep thinking is a determinant if success for anyone, if you want to far in life and achieve your aim, you should train your mind to generate valuable ideas and see issues from all perspective.

9. Focus

It takes a great sense of control to stay focus and keep being an his path - that where self-control comes in. Learn to identify distractions and stop them from getting in your way. 

10. Do More Than You're Paid For

Work to the extend that, every dime spent on you is worth it. Even, be willing to work for free as long as you see an ideal future in your dealing.

If you're able to keep up the work, it'll get to a stage where you'll be seen, opportunity will arrive and it'll be a plus for you.

11. Work Well With Other

To say it the way it is, for you to achieve any great in life - you need people. Your chances of going great places in life depends on how well you can manage people and cooperate with them.

Start learning how to work with a team to know the value of team-work. So, you'll be able to relate well with people when you finally succeed.

12. Practice Tolerance

At the course of working with other people, you'll meet different people and learn different lessons from them your ability to endure and persevere will help you attain success, sooner or later. Always remember, no one is complete. We all make mistake.

13. Learn From Your Mistake

Just as I mentioned earlier, "we all make mistake". It will be foolish of anyone to not learn from their mistakes. 

If you fail to take the lesson in a mistake, it's possible to go on to make series of it, just because you didn't heed the lesson it's trying to teach. If you want to succeed in life, learn to see and note, the mistake and reason(s) of your failures.

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