12 ways to know of a girl likes you

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Nigeria girls like shakara sha. They will act like they don't care but deep inside, they do. If a girl does any of these 12 things, and you understand them just know that you will never lose her.

1- She starts forming quarrel from any little thing – 90% of Nigerian girls start their love with quarrel 😂

2- Nigerian girls use the phrase “You are so annoying” as the best way to express their love. It simply means “You are so sweet”.

Should i increase the volume😂.

3- When you hear a Nigerian girl says “So your girlfriend will now come and break my head abi...”, congrats man. You just got yourself a girl.

4- Any time she calls you “Olodo”, she meant to say “You are too intelligent”.

5- When she calls you “Big head” she's saying “You are handsome”.

6- When she says “So you cannot even call somebody sef...”, Oga she aff miss you tire😂 form small like u didn't miss her😉

7- When she says “I hate you”, bros the love she have for you is strong.

8- She suddenly starts giving you attitude, My guy don't panic, she just needs attention. Give her all attention at that time, she go love gon.

9- The moment she says “I don't want to talk to you”, My brother disturb her life, that's what she wants.

10- If you hear her say “All those your many many girls”, bros she don notice o. Try to stop sharing her attention with other girls.

11- For every “Go away jor”, don't dare move away. Hug her, and stay with her for as long as possible.

12- Lastly, let me give you guys a little trick, the day you comment on a girl's photo, she must go and view your profile and if you are fine and your photos are super dope, bros na jackpot o.

NOTE: She will not follow you on social media to keep her pride. She will just screenshot your name so she can always go back to check your latest uploads 😂😂😂

Do I have any objection? Argue with your Keypad.

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