12 secrets ladies will never tell you

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12 secrets ladies will never tell you

 1.Women loves money from their men even if she's making enough beer by herself

2 They notice everything about you, your behavior with other girls, waiter, opinions about life and the future.

3 They don’t give up easily on a man who They love, but once They are determined, no matter what you do, They never come back.

4 They love chocolates during Pm-sing( in general) and are supremely emotional.

5 They cry on petty things.

6 They can easily figure out when a guy is having a crush on them. Sometimes they react, sometimes they don’t.

7 They love deodorant you wear, They always check on your dressing sense.

8 They might say it cheesy but from a guy whom They like, They don’t mind cheesy lines.

9 They don’t like a guy always complaining about women being Gold diggers or mean etc. Not everyone is the same.

10 They love the gesture when you take time from your busy schedule and still talk to them for just 10 minutes, before sleeping. Basically, They love it when you come out from your comfort zone and do something for them.

11 They love hugs and roses. No matter how cliche it looks. They do.

12 They love it when you play with thier hair. 


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