12 animals that can stay for a long time without food.

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These spooky amphibians live in submerged caves in Italy and the Balkans. They’re linked to salamanders, but they live their whole lives in water. Resources in this atmosphere are slight, and these creepy-crawlies can go up to ten years or more deprived of eating.


Great white sharks can go quite a few weeks without food. The cool thing about them not eating is that the more they go without a filled meal, the more critical their hunting skills develops.


It never goes, without saying that penguins live in some of the utmost fierce settings it the world. Despite the fact that the females risk going out into the frozen temperatures to hunt, the males sit over the nest, keeping the offspring warm. For the two to four months that they’re out, the men live off on their layers of fat. No yummy fish in sight.


Those humps on a camel’s back don’t contain water, like you were perhaps told as a child. That’s fat stockpiled up to provide them energy while marching through the desert — it can last about 40 days.


These cold blood reptiles can’t control their body temperature in frosty weather, so their digestion decelerates 70% and they can go up to a whole year without consuming any food.


These guys reserve energy by waiting static, for their prey. They’ll customarily go a few months deprived of food, but in thrilling cases, can go up to three years without food. Specified that they’re one of the ancient reptiles in the world.


From the time spiders sneakily wait for their food to come to them, occasionally they have to wait for a while before their next meal comes to them. However, their bodies are made to last up to some months without food, except it’s a rabbit hutch spider, which can go for about a year.


These ones can live to be over a century old. Some think by that age, they’d want to make a fuss of many meals as they can, but these reptiles can go deprived of food or water for up to a year in more or less cases.


Turns out that the impression bears hibernate over the winter was a big fat white lie. They do sleep more through the winter, and they do cut their digestion in half. Though they may not sleep through Christmas and New Year’s, they can go around 100 days without consumption.


From Australia, Africa, and South America Mudskippers aka Lungfish, can hibernate for nearly four years in exceedingly harsh conditions. What’s fascinating about their sleeping stat, yet, is that they’ll start break down their own muscle tissue, which is what we individuals would call “starvation".


A heavy, characteristically sluggish lizard, measures up to 60 cm (2.0 ft.) lengthy, the Gila Monster is the only poisonous lizard inborn to the United States and one of only two known species of poisonous lizards in North America.

They are known to feed between 5 to 10 times a year.


Since Frogs rely on rainy surroundings, their physiques are made to compensate when nature doesn’t comply. In times of draught, some species can hibernate for up to 16 months. Others living in colder areas enter a dormant state that keeps much more energy.

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