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10 Ways To Save Your Relationship When You're On The Verge Of Breaking Up

Don’t give up just yet.

If you're not happy in your relationship or you're going through some relationship problems, don't fret.

First off, it happens to most couples (it's not always smooth sailing!), so don't think it's just you two. Second, a few tiffs don't always mean you have to break up

That said, if things haven't been going well for a very long time and you can't find a resolution to reconnect as a team, take some time to try these easy suggestions for how to have a healthy relationship to see if there's a way to get the relationship back on the right track._Y

You may find some common ground that gives you both hope for the future instead of breaking up with someone you love.

_1. Communicate like a team_

One of the worst things you can do is exit without communicating openly. "You don't want to permanently hurt someone's feelings, and at the same time you have to communicate honestly why the relationship is not working for you,"*

_2. Go to therapy_

Sometimes it's helpful to talk it out with someone else who isn't a friend or family member, who may have biased opinions or try and sway your thoughts. "Go to therapy first. You can see what's bothering your partner and try to change. Figure out what you're willing to let go of," says Sassoon. Those sessions may give you both a breakthrough.

3. Say "yes"

If things aren't working or you're in a rut, try bringing some positive vibes to the relationship. "This may feel very counterintuitive. Why would you say yes when you're feeling like your relationship may be ending soon? The idea here is to go all in," says Marla Mattenson, relationship expert for entrepreneur couples to POPSUGAR. Be a "yes" person for yourself and your partner. Try and find excitement and adventure again, and try to be more willing to help out where needed.*

_4. Let go of negative memories_

Make a pact to start with a clean slate and new beginning to see if you can still have a happy future. "One of my favorite techniques is to practice intentionally forgetting all the negativity that has happened together and only remembering the good times.*

_5. Be patient after a big conversation_

If you have a great conversation discussing your feelings, don't expect changes overnight. Be patient, and if things still don't improve, then you can rethink the relationship again. "After a conversation with your partner about what is not working or what is causing you to be unhappy, you should be patient to allow your partner the opportunity to make the changes.*

6. Set specific goals

Communication is so important, but make it efficient by creating specific goals and action steps. "Rather than having a talk and then letting things slide back into old patterns, set specific goals for the relationship.* 

_7. Go back to treating each other like you did at first_

Try treating your partner like you did when you first started dating. "This means prioritizing them, thinking about them constantly, and trying to figure out how to make them happy," says relationship expert, matchmaker, and dating coach Laurie Berzack, MSW, to POPSUGAR. Set up an alert in your phone to call them once a day to say hello. Think about the first couple of months you spent together and how excited you were just to see them, visualizing what that looked and felt like.*

8. Do something different and spontaneous*

_9. Turn off your phones when together_

Put that phone away at dinner time or when you're watching a movie on the couch. "Life is already distracting enough, and spending more time on your phone and with the outside world shows your partner they are not a priority," YOUNGSTAR2*

_10. Check out their love language_

People have one of the five love languages: receiving gifts, quality time spent together, words of affirmation, acts of service, and lastly, physical touch.


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