10 Talented Nollywood Actors We Miss Seeing On Our TV Screens

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The Nollywood scene has had a lot of gifted entertainers, some of who are as yet astonishing us with stunning exhibitions. Nonetheless, a portion of the individuals the 90s and 80s kids grew up viewing are not, at this point on the film scene.

A large number of these gifted entertainers are presently in their 50s and 60s. So they presumably chose to resign from the film scene and watch the more youthful ones play out their enchantment on the screen.

However, a few of us twenty to thirty year olds miss watching them on our TV screens. They generally gave us first class exhibitions and some of them are good examples to a significant number of the entertainers we observe today.


Here is a rundown of the 10 entertainers that we miss

1) Sam Dede

Samule Dedetoku is currently 54 years of age. Dede was one of those entertainers you would consistently observe on screen. He has supposedly showed up in numerous Nigerian films. The entertainer was in famous motion pictures like Igodo, Issakaba, Darkest Night, and Mission to Nowhere.


Dede is currently a teacher at the University of Port Harcourt in River State in the Theater Arts office. A similar college he got the two his Bachelor and Masters certificate in Theater Arts.

2) Liz Benson

Elizabeth Benson was one of the top entertainers we saw on our screen frequently. She is presently 54 years of age, however she started her acting vocation at 5 years old. Benson was popular for her jobs in Diamond Ring and Glamor Girls.


The entertainer, in any case, delayed her acting vocation in 1996 after her first spouse, Samuel Etim, died. She zeroed in on getting the message out of God with her subsequent spouse, Bishop Ameye.

The couple got hitched in 2009 and begun a strict get together known as Freedom Family Assembly.

3) Saint Obi

Obinna Nwafor, who is famously known as Saint Obi, was brought into the world the solitary male out of nine youngsters. A large number of us who grew up viewing knew him as the activity film entertainer assuming analyst jobs, top security specialist jobs or the assassin job.

Obi has been highlighted in numerous spine chiller films, for example, Executive Crime, State of Emergency and War Front. He began his acting profession in 1995.

4) Hanks Anuku

60- year- old Hanks Anuku was known as the entertainer for lowlife parts in Nollywood films. Anuku initially attempted his acting abilities in the United States, where he lived for quite a while subsequent to picking up his schooling in Nigeria. He later got back to Nigeria and began acting.

5) Shan George

The 50- year- old entertainer is currently a giver zeroed in on assisting hopeful entertainers with getting the correct instruction. George is the author of an educational cost free film school Divine Shield Film Academy, which is situated in Calabar.

George portrayed her acting profession as a gift she discovered. As per her, she was looking for tasks to accommodate her schooling at the University of Lagos when she chose to begin acting.

6) Zack Orji

Zachee Ama Orji started his acting vocation in 1991, however he got well known after he part in the 1994 film Glamor Girls. Orji actually acts every now and then yet not as much as he did before. He as of late assumed a job in the Three Wise Men film.

He has been in motion pictures like Unforgiven Sins, Games Women Play, Women' s Cot, and All My Life.

7) Sandra Achums

52- year- old Achums joined the film business in 1995. Her first film was Deadly Affair. She later got quite possibly the most sort after entertainers in the business. The entertainer was known for her expertise of playing the trouble maker consummately.

In mid 2000s, the entertainer moved to Germany with her family and took a break from the acting scene.

8) Susan Patrick

Patrick was well known. For her job in Sakobi: The Snake Girl. She was a conspicuous figure in the Nollywood business before she quit acting.

9) Chidi Mokeme

48- year- old Mokeme began his acting profession in 1998. He is a chief, model, TV host, and business person. He was referred to for acting spine chillers just as the playboy or the sort after man in sentimental motion pictures. He has acted in motion pictures like Abuja Connection, Critical Condition, and His Excellency.

10) Gentle Jack

Delicate Jack is known for acting crook, guardian and contract killer jobs in motion pictures. The entertainer went to working out and wellness school before he began acting and because of his intense look he was picked for the famous jobs he acted.

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