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10 Movies Which You Should Never Watch With Your Parents AmzoomDec 23, 2020

By eva50 • 4 weeks ago • 785 • 139

While we do agree that binge watching movies is one of the favourite pastimes of everyone and we too are no different. There are certain favourites of ours which we can watch it anytime anyway no matter what. And then comes those movies which are strictly meant for private viewing and you cant have the company of your parents especially while you watch such movies. We at Genmice have tried to list down such movies so that you would be aware that these movies are not played when your family is around.


Basic Instinct

This movie released back in 1992 reminds us of the famous interrogation scene of Sharon Stone. Though its quite a thrilling movie, but it was infamously famous mainly for its adult rated content and the explicit scenes between its leads.

American Psycho


Released in 2000 this movie is mainly about materialism and its effects on human impulse that turns the person into a serial savager out of envy. The movie is extremely violent and is quite graphic in its portrayal.

Fifty Shades Of Grey

The movies and its sequels shows the darkest side of human desires where male dominates the female sub - ordinate and achieves a different kind of high.


The Wolf Of Wall Street

This Oscar nominated movie was quite in news for its outstanding performances as well as for its controversial subject and scenes, content.

American Pie


This movie for sure deserves to be in the list for its outrageous humour, scandalised intimate scenes and of course its R rated content. It certainly brought a revolution in the adult comedy genre.

Love and other drugs

This movie starring Anna Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal, shows passionate scenes between these two lead cast throughout the movie. This was quite a movie too ahead of its time in both subject an d approach.

Gone Girl

This movie is the portrayal of the dark side of a marriage which also includes minor intimate scenes, while shows some graphical bathe details of the leads.

Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut, this movie which released in 1999 is a movie about human fantasies and obsession with it, this was one of those movies where Tom cruise wasn't playing a sci - fi agent.


The movie which released in 2011 was another one of those movies which depicted human desperations and fantasies on an altogether different level. This was completely masked behind normalcy in the movie.


This movie is on the list purely for those two iconic but controversial scenes, apart from which this is surely one of the gems of cinema, second highest grosser of all time till date.

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